“Creating a better World requires Teamwork, Collaboration, and Partnership…”
IIB DEVELOPMENT GROUP is our funding vehicle whom we rely on. IIB has an arsenal of financial, managerial, operational, and consulting expertise with years of experience in the global development field. We at MJLT Global Holdings are proud to have them as our partners. With IIB at the helm of our funding mechanisms, we engage every project with the confidence to execute successfully.
Strategic partnership with governments would also constitute protecting the cultural, political, and historical integrity of the country, while having positive synergistic exchange of project contents and ideas.

We understand the complexities that exists globally. Therefore, with every project MJLT tenaciously seeks to build solid and strategic partnerships with all our clients. The constant motive of our partnerships is to establish friendly collaborations, connection, communication and exchange with governments, companies, and institutions to ensure the successful execution of all projects.

Development of successful, long term, strategic relationships with companies in order to achieving the best practice and sustainable competitive advantage in Global development and Infrastructure market
Creating institutional partnerships is crucial. With partnering with several different institutions in several different sectors allows a more diversified arsenal to meet the global demands for change.