With our process of Project Identification, Structured Finance, and Project Execution and management we assure the successful execution of our EPCF modes. We offer the complete spectrum of EPC Services which provides Engineering, Construction and Procurement Services for public and private Entities. Under an EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contract, the public entity will avoid to be immersed in the design of the installation, procurement of the necessary materials and construct it, either through own labor or by subcontracting part of the work. In some cases, the contractor will carry the project risk for schedule as well as budget in return for a fixed price. MJLT’s financial and professional partners network are ready and able to develop projects under this modality.

Projects are time-limited efforts aimed at accomplishing specific goals in both private and public sectors. Project managers have the task of completing projects on time, on budget and with the required functionality and oversight. Therefore, before a project work starts, and at regular intervals, our team analyzes the project in all its facets to determine execution and progress. This analysis relies on techniques that zero in on what are the projects costs, what are the needed scheduled activities and ensure a thorough tackling of project problems, whether with equipment or functions. If the analysis reveals discrepancies, our team can take corrective action quickly and concisely.

Project Identification / Analysis

Identification and Initial Study.

Defining project.

Identifying the involved risks.

Analyzing viability.

Identifying the partner, or partners, from our first level partners.

Establishing time frames and steps to be followed.

Financial design.

Structured Funding / Finance

Creating the adjusted financial pattern, with a well-defined economic strategy, balancing the charges, costs and debts.

Transferring the project to our financial partners and international financial institutions and organizations.

Starting the former documentary process (Letters of intent, official communications, setting of negotiation appointments and visits, …

Negotiating the best terms of financing.

Project Management

Coordinating the deployment of means and resources, both financial and professional for the project execution (starting phase).

Supporting our clients and partners with the legal, and documentary process.

Assisting with legal documentation.

Controlling the project development.

Assisting in the certification process.


  1. Project Identification–>The project is defined, and Viability is determined
  2. Assessment, Planning, and Procurement Technical Assessments, Financial Risks and Procurements are ascertained.
  3. Project Appraisal and Legal Agreement–> Valuation of project is considered, and legal documentations prepared such as contracts and other relevant documents.
  4. Negotiations and Board Structuring–> At this Stage project ownership percentages, board structuring is discussed and put in place,
  5. Implementation and Consultation–>Once all the legal considerations are satisfied and a scheduled implementation is put in place for the timely execution of projects.
  6. Project Completion and Evaluation–>Project is evaluated upon completion to make certain that all aspect of project planning has been met. Proper management of project is also initiated.