MJLT Consolidated

MJLT Consolidated is a diversified trading and advisory services organization. As a subsidiary of MJLT Global Holdings LLC, we offer physical commodity trading and finance services. MJLT Consolidated endeavors to become an industry leader and global supplier of all types of commodities such as gas and oil, coal, emissions, metals and concentrates, and agricultural inputs such as Urea and products, retail solutions and logistic services.

Our seasoned team of experts with backgrounds in trading, sales, portfolio management, structured finance, project finance and business development, makes MJLT Consolidated a powerhouse in the industry. Members of our team have held senior positions at major financial and trading organization and have been responsible for structuring and trading billions of dollars of securities backed by various assets as well as negotiating and closing many commodity transactions over the last twenty-five years.


We regularly transact in a number of commodities. These commodities include but are not limited to the following:

• finished fuels and raw stock including D2, D6, aviation fuels (JP54, JA1 or JA2) and various types of crude oil
• Agricultural Products such as Grains, Oilseed, Livestock, Diary, Fertilizer including Urea, Lumber and Soft
• most grades of iron ore
• both coking and steam coal
• all types of sugar
• gold in varying forms
• bauxite ore and copper cathodes


With the skills of our seasoned team of professionals, our clients are provided with a variety of financial services. With our experience in structured finance, banking and trading, MJLT Consolidated is properly positioned to provide our clients various ways to attract capital to finance their business’s growth or day to day operations.
Whether we utilize the capital markets or our banking and hedge fund relationships or access to family offices, we always target the most cost-efficient solution to meet our client’s financial needs.

These services can be offered on a transaction-by-transaction basis or by a long-term advisory services contract. In support of our financial services business, MJLT team members and partners have the necessary licenses and access to markets to fill our client’s needs in transacting with equities, bonds, real estate or insurance. As part of our planning, we attempt to integrate the use of various forms of equity, debt, insurance as well as other types of financial instruments in an
effort to formulate the most effective way to finance our client’s business and allow for succession planning when appropriate.

When our clients have significant financial holdings, our team has the experience necessary to offer portfolio management for all forms of financial instruments. Whether the portfolio consists of fixed income instruments, equities, options, futures or derivative, MJLT have the hands on knowledge in trading and portfolio management allowing us to guide our customers to meet their needs in balancing, growing or marketing their assets.